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An effectual leadership team is a primary requirement of any organization to be successful. Spruce helps its clients to meet this challenge by providing leadership acquisition, assessment and development.

Spruce concentrates on the explicit objective to help blue chip clients identify, attract, hire and retain the best people in India and overseas. Our team, with extensive industry expertise is supported by an extensive proprietary database of qualified people that have been carefully screened for their technical, behavioral and communication skills.

We provide our services under three distinct engagement models, each with a differentiated service offering:

  1. Executive Search:
    Spruce is committed to building long term relationships with all their clients. In our client briefing, we strive to understand your short term and long term staffing needs and assign a relationship manager to handle your requirements on a long term basis. Our "Executive Search" offering caters to your one-off key mandates where you would want to staff one or multiple key members of your leadership team, including 'head hunting'. In addition to people identification and recruitment, we also maintain close contacts with the client organization and the candidate to ensure successful integration of the candidate in your organization.

  2. Project Based Search:
    Spruce can work with you on an end-to-end staffing requirement, typically for a new business or a new initiative of your organization where you would want to staff the new initiative right from the leadership to the associate levels. We take this engagement on a time-bound basis and deliver as per your business objectives.

  3. New Location Set-up (Organization Building):
    Spruce leadership has immense experience in setting up new organizations on a completely outsourced basis. Some of our clients, with limited exposure and reach to local environment wish to create organizations in India. Spruce commits its senior and key resources to deliver a complete set-up on a project basis. The key activities and deliverables could include:

    • Program Management
    • Assessment of requirements
    • Creating HR policies
    • Developing cost structure for the new organization
    • Staffing as per plan
    • Smooth handover to your HR and administrative teams

  4. These engagements can be carried out using various financial and operational models including BOT (Build-operate-transfer), and other special purpose vehicles and also on a pure project management basis.