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Ethics Code

Confidentiality - Spruce consultant will not disclose details of a candidate without his or her agreement. References provided by the candidate will not be contacted without the knowledge and agreement of the candidate.

Mandate Disclosures - Spruce consultant will give you all the possible pertinent information about the position and client organization. Though, at times, Spruce could be under obligation to reveal limited information in the initial discussions with the candidate. These disclosures would include giving you as detailed information as possible on theorganization, business, role, hiring process and next steps.

Communication - Spruce will maintain close contact with an active candidate to update him or her at each step of the hiring process. A candidate becomes active for a mandate when the client qualifies him or her and the candidate agrees to be considered for that mandate.

Feedback - Spruce consultants will provide as detailed feedback to you on your candidature with the client as possible including their own assessment of your fitment to the client's needs. In case the client decides not to proceed with your candidacy at any step of the hiring process, Spruce consultant will strive to provide you with feedback for the decision.

Your time and current Responsibilities - At Spruce we appreciate the responsibilities and time pressures of your current role. Hence, while scheduling appointments and interviews, we will demonstrate utmost respect for your time, your position and your responsibilities

Your decision - We believe that we are not just filling a position, rather we believe we are building relationships with both you and our clients. Our belief is that best relationships are built when you and the client have the freedom to make well considered decisions. Therefore, Spruce Consultants will never try to put pressure or hurry your decision. At the same time, you will be informed of any deadlines or other constraints imposed by the client which may have a material impact on the timing of your decision.

Mediation - Spruce consultant may act as an intermediary in the negotiation of the employment agreement, in case the client decides to make you an offer. We will facilitate open and effective communication between the chosen candidate and the client so as to enable a candid discussion on your concerns for any special requirements, terms and conditions.