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Ethics Code

To achieve our aim of delivering superior performance to our clients, we diligently follow a Code of Ethics and Professional Practices as outlined below:

Professionalism - Our clients can expect us to follow best industry practices as applicable to an executive search firm. We will keep our clients and candidates well-informed as to the status of their mandates/ candidature and immediately escalate any issues impairing our search or delivery.

Confidentiality - Any information disclosed to Spruce during the course of an engagement with the client will remain confidential. In case of a possible conflict of interest between clients or potential clients, it will be resolved through disclosure and/or waiver. Spruce personnel will ensure security and confidentiality of client information, which includes disclosing any such information to third parties without prior approval from the client.

Loyalty - Spruce at all times will represent the clients' interests to the best of its abilities. We will neither send unsolicited resumes to clients nor will engage in parallel processing, i.e., offering the same candidate to two clients at the same time. When negotiating salary, we will represent the client's best interests while maintaining appropriate degree of fairness to the candidates.

Competence - Spruce will leverage all resources at its disposal, including an extensive database of professionals, appropriate degree of knowledge to perform all assignments competently and with utmost sense of urgency and thoroughness.

Integrity - We conduct our business activities with integrity. We will not disclose the name of our client to other clients or potential clients or in publicity material or to a candidate without the explicit permission of the client.

Quality - We aim to deliver high quality of work and strive hard to find candidates best suited for our client organization. To maintain this, we will provide a free replacement search, if our candidate leaves, without reasonable cause, prior to completion of minimum period, mutually agreed with our client.

Equal Opportunity - Spruce supports the principles of equal opportunity in employment and exercises objective and impartial judgments. We are strongly committed to diversity and work diligently to provide our clients a diverse, qualified palate of candidates on every engagement.