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Our Expectations

While we will follow the above Ethics Code, we also do have some expectations from you and hope you will follow these guidelines to help us advance your candidature and facilitate the whole hiring process in a professional manner.

Honesty - Be truthful and accurate in your resume. Be forthright about your interest in the mandate. Be open with the Spruce Consultant who is managing your candidature about the other opportunities you are considering (while maintaining due confidentiality).

Flexibility - To make the process go smoothly and quickly, we require your utmost effort to fit the appointment and interviews, that our consultants arrange for you, in your calendar.

Research - While our consultants will strive to provide you with all details regarding the mandate and the client, you need to put your own efforts in conducting due diligence on the client.

Timelines - As we do not rush you to make your decision, we do expect you exhibit patience, as you would most likely be one of several qualified candidates and our clients also need to make decisions as per their corporate processes and business needs.